The Ultimate Design Library Giveaway.

Monday! The mondays love the typography, so I bring you this giveaway from the Inkydeals site. Inkydeals have released a huge (and monthly) bundle of graphic design resources where you can find tons of different photoshop and illustrator templates, actions, fonts, textures and every bit of resources that you think you will need is probably on this bundle. Is a huge amount of files (38GB) of new graphics never released and different from previous bundles.

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pls mediate on this today and then read this

Stuff and Such

When someone says something is their “favorite” tv show / movie / album / book / whatever, I assume they are knowledgeable about it. In fact, I assume everyone is as obsessive (or at least somewhat as invested) as I am about the things they like. 

Instead, this is typically how these conversations play out. 

Them: I love The West Wing, it’s my FAVORITE show.

Me: Me too! Who is your favorite character? Favorite season?

Them: Oh, I’ve only seen a handful of episodes, I’m not familiar with all the people. But it’s a great show.

Me: *blank stare*

"Archaeologists have not yet discovered any stage of human existence without art. Even in the half-light before the dawn of humanity we received this gift from Hands we did not manage to discern. Nor have we managed to ask: Why was this gift given to us and what are we to do with it? And all those prophets who are predicting that art is disintegrating, that it has used up all its forms, that it is dying, are mistaken. We are the ones who shall die. And art will remain. The question is whether before we perish we shall understand all its aspects and all its ends."

Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn, “Beauty Will Save the World” (via mirroir)
Dumping footage on one side, Donkey Kong on the other. This is Sunday.

Dumping footage on one side, Donkey Kong on the other. This is Sunday.

"You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."

Albert Einstein (via psych-facts)

Nail on head.

"I grew up in the era that was really a golden age of the blockbuster, when something being a family film didn’t have any pejorative connotations. It could be broad-based and very universal in its appeal. I feel like that’s something I want to see again, something I want to explore in the tone of this film. Something that really looks at where we are as people, where we might go and how the universe balances the human experience, and really try to not be a film, and try and be an experience people carry with them. And for me it’s about harkening back to the films I grew up with and took me to places I’d never imagined."

Christopher Nolan discussing his new film INTERSTELLAR during a sit down with CinemaCon

30 years ago today, The Breakfast Club met for detention.


30 years ago today, The Breakfast Club met for detention.


  • Jack: Fuck you dad
  • Sawyer: Listen here, SLIM JIM, i do whatever the hell I please
  • Charlie: I just want mah bloody drugs
  • Hurley: woah like dude man did you say 4? that's one of the numbers! that's one of the numbers! woah like man dude that's evil!
  • John Locke: It's like the ancient Hawaiians say.....
  • Kate: It's not like I killed him THAT hard
  • Jin: MOOOOOOOOST DISRESPEKFUUUUU (throws sea urchin)
  • Sun: sorry about my husband
  • Jacob: What the fuck was I thinking